Dish creative cuisine is moving!! Help the move by funding this kickstarter campaign!!


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Chef Joaneis moving her restaurant “DISH-Creative Cuisine”  ( To downtown Palm Springs!!

Eating at dish isn’t just for a meal it is an entire experience. The food at dish is captivating, innovative, and down right tasty. The Chefs at DISH combine unique flavor combinations that suit any palate and leave you wanting more and more. From the beginning savory donuts to the sweet caramel ending her amuse bouches (small plates (one bite) served in between courses) are jam packed with powerful flavors that will leave you craving for more and more. 

The move to palm springs will allow for more innovating and creativity, more out of this world food with wild flavor combinations, and finally a space that will match the name and the food. 

Mark my words DISH is the new place to be. 

help Joane and her efforts by donating to her campaign every dollar helps! 



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  • America: Hey England hows the tea today?
  • America: Oh wait
  • America: Thats right. WE DUMPED IT IN THE HARBOR
  • England: Ugh every fucking year...
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baby, if you’re reading this I love you.

you are so much better than the rest. 

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First revised chapter one (tell me what you think!)


A year ago if my mother had asked me if I blamed her for divorcing my dad, I would have lied and told her no. Now if she asked me if I blamed her for the second divorce to my step father, I wouldn’t lie. It is my mothers fault for both divorces. After all she is the only common denominator. One…

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The thing about farmington, and David is that eventually it all sneaks up on you, and it becomes something you are used too. I got used to the un-shiney worn down town. I got used to the bruises, and never seeing my mom smile like she used too. I got used to being quiet while David was working. I got used to calling David “dad.” And missing my brohters. This place snuck up on me and became home.

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First Novel


Hey all! 

So I am starting my first novel! I’ve written short stories but I want to go bigger! So I am! I plan to workshop the book and then publish it on Kindle! I can so do this!! Who knows I could be the next big thing!! 

E. J

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I can be a beach bum, but I also love the mountains.

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Reblog if your URL doesn’t have the word ‘mermaid’, ‘angel’, ‘hipster’, ‘cunt, ‘unicorn’, ‘nigger’, ‘faggot’, ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ in it.




We’ve got class. 

goddammit so close

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have you ever opened your eyes when kissing a person? They look weird as fuck, thats why you close your eyes. 


have you ever opened your eyes when kissing a person? They look weird as fuck, thats why you close your eyes. 
hes only just the most amazing thing ever.
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oh hey look its my time of the month again.